How to order


There are certain ordering options on the shopping card system. If you would like to have any of the following additional ordering options, you will have to contact Marianne on her e-mail address.

Additional ordering choices:

Code 65: You can choose any 5 stickers in a group (stay within the same code)

Code 84: You can choose any 2 or 3 or 4 stickers in a group (stick to the same code)

Code 65 means there are 65 stickers on an A4 page. On the shopping card sys-tem you can order either one design per page or you can have all 13 designs printed on the page. You will then have 5 stickers of each design.

With the additional option you can order any 5 designs which will give you 13 stickers of each design. You can also repeat a design, e.g. 2,2,5,8,12. Then you will receive 26 stickers of design 2, and 13 each of designs 5, 8 and 12. The total will be 65.

Code 84 means there are 84 stickers on an A4 page and 117 that there are 117 (round) stickers on a page. The 117 stickers have only one ordering option: a mixed page of all the designs. A is for Afrikaans, E for English and M for Music.

You could also contact Marianne if you would like her to design a sticker that is not available. This will be at an extra cost.

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